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Spontaneous Combustion

Are you covered for Spontaneous Combustion?

Has your commercial insurance agent made sure you are covered for fire claims related to spontaneous combustion? In a recent article it states that,

According to the NFIRS, fires caused by spontaneous combustion contributed to:

3,200 structure fires

1,150 vehicle fires

5,250 outside non-trash and unclassified fires

4,460 outside trash or rubbish fires

Also, here are some great tips on how to prevent these occurrences within the article:

*Provide metal containers with self-closing lids and store outside of the project in an area free and clear of combustible debris, brush and organic materials

*Do not dispose of rags in cardboard boxes, trash containers or debris piles

*Consider utilizing noncombustible solvents or water-based materials whenever possible

*Store oily rags in a “listed disposal container” per NFPA 241, 5.4.3, OSHA 1926.25(c) and OSHA 1926.252.

*Dispose of and remove combustible wastes daily per NFPA 241, 5.4.1.

*Ensure fire extinguishers are available in accordance with all OSHA requirements at job sites

Here is a link to the full article: Reducing the Risk of Spontaneous Combustion