AZ Mobile Spaws - Can you help?

Can you help? Will you?

Calling all peoples in the UPSIDE community, I believe you should support a local business. No, I’m not talking about UPSIDE. I’m writing this with hope and as a test.

I’ve been asked numerous times or listened to statements like, “why do I pay thousands of dollars for insurance when I rarely or never file claims”. I get it. My response is a quick history lesson. Insurance as we know it today, started with good hearted people pooling their money so that if one person/business was to experience a catastrophe (like their barn burning down) then the community had collectively saved up the means to help that business/family rebuild. My reply is always met with some version of, “yeah, why don’t we just do that?”. So here we are, now is your chance to do just that. WAIT don’t stop reading you’re not being asked for a donation :) A barn has burned down. More a proverbial barn if you will.

A local business, that performs mobile pet grooming, has been burglarized and the majority of their tools and supplies were stolen. It’s pretty hard to keep a business running without the tools you need to do the job, especially when your tools are specialized and can’t be Amazon Prime shipped the next day. I’m working with one of my insurance companies to do their part for my client.

Your part, should you choose to accept it, is to call AZ Mobile Spaws, the number is below. Schedule an appointment near the end of May or early June, which should give them enough time to have the tools needed on hand. They have extended a 20% discount, on the first service, to all people that share the promotion code UPSIDE20. Difficult moments can feel like a drought, so as a community lets make it rain on this business and its employees. And who knows maybe this desert will flourish like the oasis we all know it is.



Prices Vary By Breed (avg $100) code UPSIDE20 - 20% off your first service

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